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GRA Meeting in New Orleans

The 13th annual meeting of the Global Rental Alliance (GRA) was held on 26 February at The Rental Show 2015 in New Orleans (USA).
ERA, the European Rental Association, was present, as well as all the other GRA member associations: American Rental Association (ARA), Brazilian Rental Association (ALEC), Canadian Rental Association (CRA), Hire Association Europe (HAE) from the U.K., Hire & Rental Industry Association Ltd. (HRIA) from Australia and Hire Industry Association of New Zealand (HIANZ).
Agenda items discussed during the full day meeting focused on advancing the business success of members of the individual associations and promoting the image of the equipment rental industry throughout the world. Current member priorities and member initiatives within the associations were shared, as were trends and industry developments. Topics addressed included a report by ERA of the findings from its Equipment Technology committee, regulatory issues and the GRA International Rental Business Leadership Program administered by the ARA Foundation. A focus of discussion on membership trends and growth included the recruitment and involvement of young professionals within the associations, or the next generation of rental owners, with each association describing their focus on this segment of membership. 
The agenda also included a review of the global survey initiative of the GRA, with release of a 2013 combined rental revenue figure among the GRA associations representing $US 75.4 Billion. This figure represents a 3.2% increase over 2012 rental revenues. Discussion was held among the associations on the economic forecast for their countries through 2015 and the level of rental penetration as they determine for their respective country.  
The American Rental Association and the Canadian Rental Association provided the attendees with a preview of their respective associations. With a group objective to continuously learn about the industry worldwide, a guest presentation was received from the Japan Construction Rental Association, generating discussion and greater understanding of the diversity of our associations.
A mid-year webinar meeting will be held in August 2015.
The next Annual Meeting will be held at The Rental Show 2016 scheduled for February 21-24, in Atlanta (USA).