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Growth in Finland’s equipment rental sector expected to continue in 2016, says the European Rental Association

Finland’s equipment rental sector will grow in 2016 amid a challenging economic
environment, according to new research from the European Rental Association
(ERA), the industry body.
It estimates that turnover in Finland’s equipment rental sector will have grown
1.7% in 2015 to €447 million. For 2016, it forecasts growth of 3.6%. These
figures follow a stabilisation in 2014 after a drop in 2013.
The figures come from the ERA Market Report 2015, which provides the most
comprehensive data available on the European equipment rental industry. It is
produced in cooperation with IHS, the independent research company.
Most rental revenue in Finland stems from the construction sector. The report
states that in 2014, real total construction spending in Finland increased 1.4%,
and is expected to grow 1.9% in 2015.
Michel Petitjean, Secretary General of ERA, said:
“The report presents a positive outlook for Finland’s rental industry amid a
challenging economic environment.
“Equipment rental brings real benefits to business, and this is increasingly
recognised across Europe. It allows more efficient use of capital, access to a
wider range of equipment, expert maintenance and servicing, compliance with
regulations, and improved sustainability performance. Intensively used, carefully
chosen and well-maintained equipment on demand brings real benefits to the
European economy and environment.”
Among the elements in the report is a summary of Finland’s economic outlook. It
states: “The Finnish economic recovery remains reluctant to take shape. The
boosting impact on growth from lower global oil prices and slightly stronger
exports is counteracted by collapsed Russian export demand, along with
weakness of domestic demand and competitiveness problems. Therefore, lack of
growth in 2014 is likely to be followed by a modest 0.5% year on year (y/y) gain
in 2015, before a 1.1% y/y growth in 2016.”
The ERA Market Report 2015 contains a country-by-country analysis of 14
European countries. It includes detailed market size information for the years
2012-2015 and key ratios including fleet size and investment. It also includes
penetration rates against countries’ GDPs, construction outputs and populations.
A special focus in the 2015 edition is on Germany. A dedicated chapter combines
quantitative and qualitative information. In the context of this specific effort to
examine the equipment rental market in greater detail, estimates have been
established for the breakdown of rental revenues by product, by end market, and
by channel to market.
The figures in the report are based on official statistics for NACE rev. 2 code
77.32: “Renting of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment
without operator”. This is the industry standard classification system used in the
European Union.
The report contains 96 pages, with statistical information and expanded details
per country. Each country section contains four pages of detailed information in
local currency in order to better measure trends independently from the variation
of the currency exchange rate against the Euro.
The report, commissioned by ERA, is available to ERA members for €300 and to
prospective and non-members for €900. For copies please contact the European
Rental Association at Avenue Jules Bordet 142, 1140 Brussels, Belgium or by
email to
Notes to editors
The ERA Market Report 2015 is copyright-protected and proprietary to the
European Rental Association; however the information in this release may be
reproduced without further permission. Other figures, charts or findings from the
ERA Market Report 2015 Report may not be reprinted or photocopied in part or in
full without the advance written permission of the European Rental Association.
About ERA
The European Rental Association was created in 2006 to represent national rental
associations and equipment rental companies in Europe. Today the membership
includes over 5,000 rental companies, either directly or through 14 national rental
associations. ERA is active through its working groups in the fields of Promotion,
Safety and Sustainability, Statistics, Equipment Technology and Theft, and
General Rental Conditions. The next ERA convention is scheduled to take place in
Stockholm on 8 and 9 June 2016.
Extensive information on ERA's activities, reports and publications is available in
the ERA website at
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