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ERA Online Sustainability Brochure

December 7, 2015
The brochure presents a dynamic set of best practices on sustainability in the rental industry, categorized according to their role in the supply chain. It is dedicated to the rental companies, to their customers and to the authorities.

Manifesto for the promotion of the sustainability benefits of the rental concept

November 23, 2015
ERA calls on the EU to promote the environment benefits of the rental concept.

Sustainability brochures

June 3, 2015
In June 2015, ERA, with the support of Schuttelaar & Partners, published 2 brochures, one dedicated to the rental business and one dedicated to the Public Authorities.

FAQ on Carbon Footprint

June 13, 2012
This document provides answers to commonly asked questions in relation to carbon footprint and its relevance to the rental industry.

Stage IIIB and Stage IV Engines - Overview

June 12, 2012
This document provides an overview of the emission standards, benefits and responsibilities for users regarding stage IIIB and stage IV engines.

Sustainability in the Rental Industry

May 31, 2010
a 46 pages-report aimed at supporting rental companies in defining and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility policies