ERA Guide for Theft Prevention

May 31, 2010

Equipment theft is a huge problem in all European countries estimated to cost the rental industry, the construction and the agricultural industries approximately €1.5 billion per annum across Europe – and this problem is growing:

  • For the equipment rental industry alone, ERA estimates the value of stolen equipment to exceed €500 million per annum
  • This figure includes around 30,000 units of heavy equipment with an average value of €10,000 per unit
  • The rate of recovery of stolen equipment varies from 5% to 20%, depending on the country, and this compares with a rate of recovery of 50% to 60% for other vehicles like cars.

With the following list of practices, ERA provides effective ways to prevent theft of your equipment and recommends that you follow the practices and advice listed within the document to protect your equipment in the best possible way.


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