Rental Checklist for Operational Terms and Conditions

Mar 25, 2009

What is it?

The Rental Checklist allows a company to see if the rental agreement being used and/or connected general terms & conditions cover potential problem areas closely connected to rental activities.

It covers 12 aspects: Rental period and rate, Delivery and collection, Energy (fuel, oil, electricity…), Damage, Installation, Waste, Preparation and cleaning, Inspection and maintenance, Handover of the equipment, Operator, Site survey and consulting, Breakdowns and suspensions.

Who developed it? 

A two-year working group dedicated to working on general rental conditions across Europe developed the Checklist.

Who can use it? 

The checklist can be used by any European company active in the rental of equipment, regardless of being a member or non-member of the ERA. The document is available free of charge.


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