ERA kicks off ‘Impact of Digitalisation on Rental’ project

Dec 15, 2021 | Press Release

15 December, 2021 (Brussels, Belgium): The European Rental Association (ERA) has kicked off the ‘Impact of Digitalisation on Rental’ project to raise awareness among all rental companies in Europe, including SMEs and national associations, about the challenges of digitalisation and provide elements of best practice on the journey to a successful digital transformation.

ERA has appointed epi Consulting, an award-winning international sustainability, strategy and innovation consultancy based in the UK, to carry out work on the project.

Michel Petitjean, Secretary General of ERA, said:

We are very happy to partner again with epi Consulting on this project after working with them to produce the ERA Sustainable Supplier Framework, CSR KPI Guidance Framework and Cybersecurity Guide.

“Digitalisation is transforming the commercial landscape for rental companies, with implications for their sales, marketing, operations, asset management, business models and more. With this project, we hope to give the rental industry a resource of real value for understanding and navigating this transformation.”

The ‘Impact of Digitalisation on Rental’ project aims to promote awareness, engagement and action within the rental industry and will be undertaken within the framework of the ERA Future Group, which brings together young managers from rental companies to provide insight and vision on strategic issues. Due to the transversality of digitalisation, all other ERA committees will also be involved in the project.

A preliminary report will be presented at the ERA Convention in June 2022 and the final report will be published in the autumn.

For more information, please email the ERA team at [email protected].

Download the press release here.


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The European Rental Association was created in 2006 to represent national rental associations and equipment rental companies in Europe. Today, the membership includes over 5,000 rental companies, either directly or through 15 rental associations. ERA is active through its committees in the fields of Promotion, Sustainability, Statistics and Technical, and through its working groups, including the Future Group and the Cybersecurity Working Group.

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