Why is it important to join ERA?



Before the ERA existed it is true to say that there was little cooperation between rental companies; no working together on issues of common interest; and no learning from each other or sharing best practice.

That has changed dramatically, with the association’s various working committees and the annual Convention creating avenues for education, lobbying, cooperation and relationship building.

The association has, in a relatively short period, established itself as the authoritative source of data on the equipment rental business, and furthermore, has created materials – conditions of contract, guidance on sustainability, and more – that are of real value to rental companies.

From our own perspective, as the publisher of International Rental News (IRN) magazine, membership of the association has made us feel that we are at the heart of Europe’s rental industry.

Membership and participation in its events and committee meetings has furthered our relationships with rental companies and suppliers to the rental sector, and provided early notice of important trends in the business.



Being a member of the ERA, and actively participating in the various committees, enables LOXAM to have fascinating exchanges with our peers.

During the meetings we debate and discuss best practices and the innovations in our sector, we work on the convergence of the rental companies’ needs towards OEMs. Moreover we look to promote the rental industry profession in order to attract new talents in this, mostly unknown, sector and we deepen our knowledge of the different companies and countries.

Once a year, during the ERA Convention, we are pleased to be among professionals, participating in round tables, attending debates and conferences. We also enjoy rewarding the best initiatives and performances during the Awards Ceremony.

The ERA’s development, since its creation, has proven how much this organisation meets European rental companies’ needs and contributes to our industry’s promotion.



For a manufacturer like Caterpillar, being a member of the ERA is invaluable. The association provides us with great industry insights. We can also interact with key players of the rental industry and better understand the strategic challenges coming ahead.

Through the Technical Committee, we also have the possibility to meet our customers and partners and better understand their needs. Finally, the ERA allows Caterpillar to actively contribute to the development of rental in Europe and increase our credibility.



At HSS Hire, we see significant benefits in belonging to the ERA and fully participating in its annual programme. The first benefit is obviously sharing best practice with colleagues in the industry across borders; meeting leaders in various organisations who share a desire for driving up customer service through innovative actions, for the benefit of the rental industry as a whole and everyone who works within it.

The ERA has also worked really hard to become the definitive source of reliable statistical information on sector performance and the Annual Statistics report is a huge benefit of membership. We also participate in all of the committees and projects and learn every step of the way. Lastly, the convention is a great opportunity to share and challenge thought leadership every year. I would urge every rental company large or small to join the ERA and share these benefits.



Zeppelin Rental is founding member of ERA and since 2006 actively involved in the management board and various committees. With its relations to the EU institutions we consider ERA to play a key role in developing the rental industry and promoting rental business.

Topics like theft prevention, sustainability or consistent regulations need to be treated at a European level and addressed by a strong single voice. Only together we can make a difference. Furthermore we benefit from regularly sharing experience and best practice with the different stakeholders. Discussing current developments, new ideas and future challenges not only helps us to enhance our services. It is also essential to drive innovation throughout the whole business. 

With its studies and market analyses the association provides reliable statistical data and therefore establishes comparability and transparency of the different markets. We look forward to contributing to the future development of ERA in the years to come.



Ramirent has been a member of ERA since its foundation. We see many advantages of being a member. Through ERA we can help develop industry standards on a European level that benefit the entire industry. Together with all members we have a bigger voice, in promoting equipment rental as an option to owning, as we can use the power of all companies communicating the benefits of rental.

The association plays an important role in providing statistics about the equipment rental industry which is still a fairly young one and there hasn’t been many sources on data related to equipment rental before. This is improving year by year to help us also explain the industry’s characteristics and rental penetration to the investor community which as a listed company is very important.

On matters of sustainability we also see that ERA has a greater chance to influence legislation, compared to single companies, to incorporate the advantage of the sustainability features our industry can provide as it helps reduce environmental loading by sharing equipment among many users compared to all owning. ERA provides a forum for all interested parties including also equipment suppliers, to meet to discuss topics that are important to the equipment rental industry and together join forces to develop it further.

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