ERA Sustainability KPIs 2.0 guidance framework

May 25, 2023

The ERA Sustainability KPIs 2.0 guidance framework is a tool to enable rental companies to assess their current approach to sustainability performance measurement and reporting, and rate how well they perform against an industry framework.

It also provides a practical approach to implementing a sustainability measurement and reporting framework depending on an organisation’s level of maturity, from getting started, with nothing currently in place, to industry best practice.

To support self-assessment and the practical implementation by a rental company, the framework allocates sustainability KPIs to one of three categories: 

    1. Minimum or “getting started” list: KPIs that are most frequently looked at by stakeholders and also are most closely aligned with current and future regulatory reporting and are in most common usage across the 17 rental companies reviewed by the project.
    1. Good practice: KPIs that are frequently implemented and reported against after implementation of the minimum KPI set. They are considered good practice by stakeholders, and align with key topics of interest for stakeholders and the expectation of stakeholders that a rental company with a mature/good practice sustainability strategy would have these KPIs in place and be reporting against them at least annually.
    1. Best practice: The final set of KPIs are measures that can be regarded as best practice in sustainability measurement and reporting and would be considered best practice by stakeholders, and to demonstrate that a rental company has a best practice sustainability strategy and is an industry leader in the area of sustainability.

How to use the Sustainability KPIs 2.0 guidance framework

1. Review and update the current approach to ensure the sustainability reporting needs of stakeholders are met, based on the recommendations within this report, noting the minimum, good practice and best practice recommendations for each of the eight areas.

2. If there is no sustainability KPI framework in place, create a framework that is most suitable for your organisation by implementing minimum, good practice or best practice KPIs as appropriate to the size, complexity and sophistication of your organisation.

3. Develop a sustainability reporting action plan, starting with a plan to introduce the minimum recommended KPIs in each area, moving onto good practice as you mature your approach and finally implementing best practice and becoming an industry leader.

The Sustainability KPIs 2.0 guidance framework covers the following eight areas:

    1. People
    2. Health and Safety
    3. Training
    4. Environment (including rental unit emissions / environmental impacts)
    5. Supply Chain
    6. Anti-Corruption and Bribery
    7. Circularity (including recycling)
    8. Other

The framework was developed for ERA by an independent consultant – epi Consulting – and is updated from the original publication in 2021. It is suitable to be adopted by rental companies as is or adapted to their specific requirements. In addition to the framework itself, the report includes an introduction, a performance checklist, a section on reporting against the Sustainable Development Goals and a section on reporting compliance with key EU legislation.

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