Manifesto on the environmental benefits of rental

Aug 30, 2022

In line with the European Green Deal, equipment rental contributes to the transition to a circular economy and the fight against climate change. ERA calls on the EU to recognise the environmental benefits of rental, based on 5 core principles:


  • Construction companies and other rental customers can access equipment when required, improving efficiency
  • Rental asset management leads to a more frequent, hence more efficient, use of equipment
  • Rented equipment travels shorter distances and delivery trucks rarely travel back empty – as the equipment is shared between customers and job sites, truck sizes and load factors are also optimised, significantly reducing emissions from transport


  • Rental companies contribute to a product design that facilitates maintenance and repair activities
  • Rental companies focus on spare parts management
  • Rental companies ask for increased information on product repair from the equipment manufacturers


  • Rental companies increasingly invest in green fleets to offer modern equipment utilising low carbon intensity fuels and other alternative energies
  • Rental companies provide theoretical and practical training to their customers to optimise the use of equipment
  • Rental companies provide customers with data about their use of the equipment, which improves environmental efficiency


  • Components of the dismantled construction equipment can be reused.


  • Rental companies take care of their equipment through repairs, when it is still possible, and recycling, when it is at the end of its life cycle
  • Rental companies use their bargaining power to demand equipment suppliers limit the use of non-recyclable material and take responsibility for end-of-life management by collecting, reusing or recycling equipment


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