ERA Sustainable Supplier Framework

The rental industry is committed to responsible business practices and high standards of sustainability.

The ERA Sustainable Supplier Framework aims to set the industry best practice guidelines and raise common practices across the industry in sustainability assessments of suppliers. The goals are to reduce the administrative burden from supplier assessments for rental companies and suppliers and provide rental company customers with a better understanding of how rental companies approach sustainable supply chains.

The framework helps rental companies to define minimum sustainability requirements and aspirations for all suppliers to rental companies, in the areas of:

  • Human rights and working conditions
  • Health and safety
  • Responsible sourcing of components and raw materials
  • Environmental performance
  • Business ethics
  • Product sustainability performance

Rental companies and suppliers wishing to use the ERA Sustainable Supplier Framework do not need to be members of the European Rental Association or one of national rental associations.

Read the press release here.


How to use the Framework

Rental Companies

Rental companies have the choice of:

  • Adopting the framework as presented by ERA in their supplier sustainability assessments. In this case the rental company asks the supplier to fill in and sign the code of conduct (checklist) by which the supplier declares compliance with the requirements. Ideally, it should form an integral part of the agreement between the supplier and the rental company.
  • Adapting the framework template into its own code of conduct for supplier sustainability assessment. However, if a rental company chooses to modify the content of the framework, the modified framework or code of conduct can no longer claim conformity to and use the name of the ERA Sustainable Supplier Framework.


To show adherence to the framework, suppliers to a rental company can post the signed checklist and display the Sustainable Supplier Framework logo on their website. Alternatively, they may submit the checklist directly to the rental company.

ERA has developed an extended version of the framework. This questionnaire contains the same requirements and aspirations, but allows for taking into account for external verification and enables scoring of suppliers´ levels of adherence to the Framework.

We encourage rental companies to inform ERA if and how they use the framework. ERA would welcome information from suppliers once they declare adherence to the framework on their websites.

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