Attracting and Retaining People in Rental

Apr 1, 2024

People are one of the fundamental pillars of our industry and to find and keep skilled people in
competition with other industries is increasingly a challenge for most rental companies across Europe.
That is why we partnered with HR experts from Eurogroup Consulting on a comprehensive study titled
“Attraction and Retention of People in Rental”. This study offers invaluable insights on talent attraction
and retention for all stakeholders in the rental industry.

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, the active engagement and retention of employees have
become paramount concerns for businesses across industries. While talent attraction undoubtedly plays
a crucial role, the retention of existing talent represents a more cost-effective endeavor, offering
companies greater control and influence over their workforce.

As emphasized by ERA Secretary General, Michel Petitjean, “The equipment rental industry is, above
all, a people industry, and the challenges of attracting and retaining talent are shared among all our
members.” This sentiment was underscored in the strategic review conducted last year, with talent
attraction and retention being identified as one of the three pillars of ERA’s three-year strategic plan. It
is our sincere hope that the insights gleaned from this report, along with the recommendations it
presents, will serve to enhance the appeal of our members and the equipment rental industry at large,
ultimately fostering improved employee retention rates.

The study encompasses a diverse array of topics, ranging from future work trends and employment
models to the motivations and evolving expectations of workers. Additionally, it offers guidance on
effective communication strategies tailored to new generations and provides insights into the
implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives. Furthermore, the study explores the evolving
landscape of the rental sector and examines the impact of skills development on industry dynamics.

The study has been based on in-depth interviews with experts from the rental industry, as well as on
analysis and comparison with other industries, and contains more than 60 case studies and best
practices that provide further insights covering the main stages of an employee journey within a

Jean-Baptiste Annat from Eurogroup Consulting noted, “Written in close collaboration with a sample of
key players in the rental industry, this study seeks to take stock of the sector’s attractiveness. Building
upon the findings, the report offers a plethora of best practices drawn from extensive benchmarking.
Our hope is that stakeholders across the rental industry will find within these proposals operational
solutions that can be implemented to enhance the attractiveness of their companies and bolster
employee retention.”


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