ERA releases updated sustainability KPI framework for rental companies to improve sustainability performance and reporting

May 25, 2023 | Press Release

25 May, 2023 (Brussels, Belgium): The European Rental Association (ERA) has today released the ‘Sustainability KPIs 2.0’ guidance framework, an update of the ‘ERA CSR KPI Guidance Framework’ published in 2021.

The updated framework includes the latest regulatory and legislative developments, a new section on reporting requirements in key EU legislation and information about net zero and science-based targets.

Michel Petitjean, Secretary General of ERA, said:

It was important to update this framework to bring it fully in line with what our members need, as well as to reflect the latest legislative developments that are bringing increasing demands on companies to report on their sustainability performance. We now have a comprehensive sustainability KPI tool for rental companies of all sizes to implement a measurement and reporting framework, assess where they currently stand and progress all the way to best practice.

The Sustainability KPI Guidance Framework was first created in 2021 through a review of over 17 rental companies operating in Europe and the US. The framework covers ‘People’, ‘Health and Safety’, ‘Training’, ‘Environment’, ‘Supply Chain’, ‘Anti-Corruption and Bribery’, ‘Circularity’ and ‘Other’ KPIs and has three main categories:

    • Minimum/starter: The KPIs that are most frequently looked at by stakeholders, are most closely ‎aligned with current and future regulatory reporting and are in most common usage.
    • Good practice: The KPIs that are frequently implemented and reported against after implementation of the ‎minimum KPI set.
    • Best practice: The final set of KPIs are those regarded as best practice in sustainability ‎measurement and reporting.

The framework was developed for ERA by an independent consultant with the aim of providing a practical approach for rental companies to assess their current approach to sustainability performance reporting and rate how well they perform against an industry framework.

It is suitable to be adopted by rental companies as is or adapted to their specific requirements. The framework includes a description, case study and example calculation for each KPI, as well as a performance checklist, a section on reporting against the Sustainable Development Goals and a section on reporting compliance with key EU legislation.

ERA will now start work on an online version of the tool to facilitate an easier use of the tool.

Download the ‘Sustainability KPIs 2.0’ guidance framework here:

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