ERA Technical Committee – Telematics priorities

Jul 7, 2021 | ERA news

The ERA Technical Committee has released the results of its work on telematics – “Data points telematics ERA” – detailing the telematics priorities of equipment rental companies for three categories of equipment: earth moving, access, and generators and compressors.

These documents are based on the ISO 15143-3 standard, published in 2016, and are intended to be used as guidance to help OEMs to prioritise the data that rental companies need, and not as an agreement on a downgraded standard. Rental companies require at least all the data defined in ISO 15143-3, but some data are more urgent than others.

In addition, some data elements that are not part of the ISO 15143-3 standard are included, as well as information about the frequency rental companies need to receive the data from OEMs.

The rental companies on ERA’s Technical Committee expect OEMs to make the data listed in the ISO 15143-3 and the additional data elements available to them:

  • Using the “data points telematics ERA” as a priority list
  • Observing the frequency described in the excel table
  • In a suitable format for the rental companies

The documents can be downloaded here.

For any question related to those documents or to the ERA Technical Committee, please contact the ERA team at [email protected].

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