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Reasons to rent


Because the fleet is not used all the time

Renting helps to avoid the burden of excessive investment, maintenance and other costs. Renting provides you with the equipment when you need it and so is more efficient than purchasing and watching your assets depreciate in value while they are not in use, thus improving your balance sheet. Furthermore there are fiscal incentives in some European countries for renting too!


The right product when you need it

The equipment rental industry has the specific product for the specific job leading to efficiency gains. Equipment is regularly maintained and renting ensures a high quality and reliability of the product when on site.


You use it when you need it

Renting provides you and your business with flexibility allowing you to rent for the short, medium and long-term. Services include trained and experienced professionals using the correct machines for your situation and tasks. They are also able to undertake on-site repairs, further reducing your costs.

Norms & Regulation

Be safe, just rent it, avoid the risk

The industry is well regulated and controlled, providing you with peace of mind. Furthermore, the outsourcing of product responsibility and legal compliance costs means that your risk is minimised.


Save money and the environment

Rental minimises environmental loading, capitalises on increased resource utilisation efficiency and reduces investment by renting and sharing equipment with others instead of owning. You get permanent access to more modern eco-efficient equipment fleets and advice on reducing energy consumption during a project. Rental minimises equipment transportation through efficient, coordinated transports and local suppliers.

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