A beginner’s guide to Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Jan 24, 2022

Building Information Modelling

How often does a technology come along that has the ability to completely transform how we work? Building Information Modelling (BIM) is that technology – and it represents a remarkable opportunity for rental companies of all sizes.

For construction contractors, BIM gives them much greater control over a project. It enables them to identify and solve problems in the design phase, rather than on site. This significantly reduces downtime on the one hand, while increasing productivity on the other. Even more importantly, BIM can revolutionise your relationships with your clients.

Fundamentally, BIM brings rental companies and construction contractors closer together. For the first time, it allows rental companies to engage in the design phase of a construction project, rather than much further down the line. This makes life easier for the contractor, while also streamlining the rental process. Furthermore, it strengthens the relationship between a rental company and a client and enhances customer loyalty. By becoming involved in the design phase, you can identify the optimum products for each stage of the construction process, delivering greater value for money for your customers.

This guide aims to make BIM accessible and easy. It provides an introduction to the technology and a more in-depth explanation of the main benefits of integrating BIM into a portfolio of services. It further provides case studies from pioneering rental companies, demonstrating different use cases for BIM.

With many European nations investing billions in major construction and infrastructure projects, BIM can help win new business and is going to be a key component in any future success. This guide is here to help the equipment rental industry embrace this technology and gain the best possible advantage from it.


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