Education and Technical Training for Rental Companies

Feb 4, 2021

To give the end user (rental customer) an explanation about the machine functionality, machine safety and provide the customer with a well maintained and correctly working machine, it is important that the employees from rental companies get trained by the OEMs in these topics.

Most rental companies are set up in several echelons with several functions / levels of staff.

The training from the OEMs has to be divided in 4 several levels.

Level 1:

These employees are delivering the machines to the customer and they explain the functionality and for what usage the machine is applicable to the customer. Next to that, they also have to carry out the daily and weekly maintenance on a machine and check the correct function of the machine.

Function check and warning messages, attachments / accessories, top 10 operator failures, daily maintenance, safety features, documents, machine cleaning, loading security, general appearance

Up to 30 min

Level 2:

These employees carry next to the daily and weekly maintenance also the periodic maintenance and do small repairs on machines. They also solve the most common faults on a machine.

Annual safety inspections, preventive maintenance

Level 3:


These employees have to be familiar with reading schemes and solve not common failures by making use of the schemes. Next to this, they also carry out bigger repairs where specialised diagnostic software or tools from OEMs are required.

Hydraulic pressure, software related elements

Level 4:

Carrying out diagnostics with diagnostic software from the OEMs and carry out the needed repairs for these issues. Revisions of engines, engine parts, hydraulic and or electrical systems are included (depending on their specialty).

Note: These specialists are mostly not at a rental company but are employees of the dealer network of the OEMs.

Structural elements (drive train, etc.)

Download the Education and Technical Training for Rental CompaniesExample of check-in process level 1 and Example of check-in process level 2 documents at the links below.


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