The impact of digitalisation in the equipment rental industry

Jan 25, 2023

impact of digitalisation in the equipment rental industry

In common with many other industries such as vehicle rental, travel, banking and music, the rental industry is being transformed by digitalisation.

This transformation includes the provision of real time data on where the assets are and what they doing, the digitalisation of the underlying rental process, mechanisms for customer engagement and the development of new services and solutions.

Whilst the digital transformation of the rental industry is happening at speed, every rental company large or small will be affected and is faced with similar questions: How will digitalisation affect my business? What is driving change? What strategy should I adopt? How does my approach compare to others in the industry?

The purpose of this guide is to answer these questions and provide a window into how companies within the industry are leading the transformation, highlight the opportunities and threats that digitalisation poses and provides practical advice and guidance which can be applied within your businesses to meet the challenge of digitalisation.

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