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European Rental Association calls for greater recognition of the sustainability benefits of equipment rental

The Trade Association supports the equipment rental industry with the release of an online sustainability brochure and research.

Research from the European Rental Association (ERA), highlighting the benefits of equipment rental to sustainability, is now available online in seven languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Polish.
It explores how rental companies are increasingly seeing sustainability performance as a means to increase customer value. Furthermore, companies are introducing a range of initiatives, to both increase this customer value and to distinguish themselves in the market.
The research found that rental companies are, for example: insisting that original equipment manufacturers become trusted, sustainable suppliers; using monitoring technologies and hybrid power systems to reduce energy consumption; using low-emission vehicles and introducing measures to reduce fuel consumption; and improving recycling of waste and equipment.
The brochure is designed to offer rental companies and their customers, national associations and European institutions with information and advice regarding their sustainability measures, and to help promote the arguments concerning sustainability and the equipment rental industry. It can be found online at:
Michel Petitjean, Secretary General of ERA, said: “The sustainability benefits of equipment rental can be realised across industries and equipment rental companies can now see the importance of their work in helping companies to improve sustainability performance. Our online Sustainability Brochure showcases the best practices that help society and the environment whilst providing tangible benefits to business.”
“A key part of our work at ERA is dedicated to furthering the cause of sustainability within the European equipment rental sector, by engaging key stakeholders and policy makers.”
Franciska Janzon, SVP Marketing & Communications at Ramirent Group, said: “With a shift in public thinking towards a greener mind-set, it is important for businesses to ensure that they are thinking about their sustainability performance in all aspects of their work. Renting equipment, rather than buying it outright, is a great opportunity for companies to improve their environmental credentials.”
“The Sustainability Brochure from ERA gives insight into the benefits of renting equipment, and how equipment rental services can help businesses across industries to become more eco-friendly, efficient and safer.”
Following an initial audit of European rules and regulations surrounding sustainability performance, ERA is now well placed to engage with policy makers. According to ERA, the sustainability performance of companies can be aided by choosing to rent equipment rather than purchasing outright, however the sustainability benefits of equipment rental are often understated.
Other primary benefits include:
Rented equipment is used more frequently and so more efficiently.
Professional equipment rental companies achieve improved performance in areas including operations, energy efficiency, waste management and health and safety, through high-quality servicing and better operating standards.
Dialogue between manufacturers and rental companies encourages equipment design that takes sustainability performance into consideration. 
The ERA’s Online Sustainability Brochure is an online tool containing research into rental companies, with a focus on the sustainable practices and initiatives in the industry. It is dedicated to three categories of readers: the rental companies, the customers of the rental companies and the other stakeholders including European and national institutions, NGOs and universities.
Mr Michel Petitjean, Secretary General of ERA, is available for interview on the contribution of the equipment rental sector in improving sustainability, and the opportunities and challenges facing the equipment rental industry.
About ERA
The European Rental Association was created in 2006 to represent national rental associations and equipment rental companies in Europe. Today the membership includes over 5,000 rental companies, either directly or through 14 rental associations. ERA is active through its working groups in the fields of Promotion, Sustainability, Statistics and Technique. The next ERA convention will be held in Amsterdam on the 2 -4 May 2017.
Extensive information on ERA's activities, reports and publications is available in the ERA website at
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