Examples of best practice for digitisation and IT in the rental industry

Feb 7, 2022

Thanks to digitisation, we are living through one of the most technologically revolutionary periods in human history. The Internet of Things, Big Data, smart phones and cloud-based computing are transforming the way we live and work.

Forward-thinking rental companies are already taking full advantage of the huge opportunities offered by these new technologies. These include opportunities to make our operations more efficient, improve customer service, and even to create completely new solutions to our clients.

In this e-book, we provide case studies from some of the companies that are cutting edge in terms of digitising their business models. We also examine some of the challenges that rental companies have faced when implementing and rolling out digital solutions.

In this way, these examples of best practice aim to demonstrate how embracing the digital age can provide us with strong foundations for the future success of the equipment rental industry.


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