Trainings Levels 1 and 2 – ERA Technical Committee’s Recommendation

May 10, 2022

The rental companies members of ERA claim for training material adapted to their needs. This training material should be provided by the OEMs and concerns levels 1 and 2 out of the 4 levels of training defined by the rental companies.

The rental companies observe that OEMs already have training material available but that this material, very often, doesn’t meet the needs of the rental companies.

In order to help the OEMs take action, the rental companies have prepared the deliverables described in “available information”.

The project is not only about a video but more about its content. The OEMs could decide to use another support if they wish.

Available information,

4 levels of trainings

In 2017, the technical Committee produced a document identifying 4 levels of maintenance. Each level of maintenance defines the level of training.

    • 1st Level: Simple actions required for the operation and carried out on easily accessible parts, in a safe way, using support equipment built in the item.
    • 2nd Level: Actions requiring simple procedures and / or easy-to-use support equipment (built in the item or external)
    • 3rd Level: Operations requiring complex procedures and / or complex to use or to implement portable support equipment
    • 4th Level: Actions implying the know-how of a technique/technology and / or the application of specialized support equipment

Levels 2, 3 and 4 are covered by the OEMs; level 1 is not and it is where the rental employees start.

The information needed come from the OEMs. For that reason, the rental companies need the support of the OEMs to improve the level 1 trainings.

Checklists level 1 and level 2

In 2019, the Committee decided to use an existing example as a standard check-in procedure in a rental branch and to transcribe it in an excel sheet. It applies to level 1. It can be used by the OEMs as a support document to help them better understand the needs of the rental companies.

The same work was done for level 2 and is also available.

Examples of videos produced by rental companies

The rental company Zeppelin Rental has accepted to put at the disposal of the OEMs some examples of videos produced by them. Those videos are available on request to the ERA team, at [email protected].

Recommendation from the rental companies

With those 3 documents (4 level trainings, checklists level 1 and level 2) and the rental companies’ videos, the OEMs have enough information to build training material (videos or other format) according to the needs of the rental companies. The rental companies ask the OEMs to take those information into account and come back to them with some concrete results.

The rental companies of the Technical Committee are ready to give guidance along the process.

The rental companies recommend that the videos (or other format) are:

    • Easy to understand
    • Short
    • Easy to access and to view

The rental companies would like the OEMs to keep them aware of the progress (follow-up, feedback, etc.).

In a next step, these videos could be made available on the ERA website or on other platforms accessible to the rental companies.


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