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21 octobre 2020

Another year of growth in all European rental markets in 2019 despite an end in the cycle

The European Rental Association (ERA) is today releasing its 2020 Market Report.
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2020 European rental market report

14 octobre 2020

Cutting Emissions from Construction Equipment: the Missing Link in the Renovation Wave

The European Rental Association (ERA), the voice of the equipment rental industry, welcomes the publication of the European Commission’s Renovation Wave initiative, and calls on EU decision-makers to seize this opportunity to move towards a more circular,
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17 septembre 2020

ERA highlights benefits of circular construction practices to boost energy efficiency of buildings

ERA welcomes the adoption of the European Parliament Report on maximising the energy efficiency potential of EU building stock.
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8 septembre 2020

ERA launches Sustainable Supplier Framework to raise rental industry standards for supplier assessments

The European Rental Association (ERA) has launched the Sustainable Supplier Framework to set the industry best practice guidelines and raise common practices for sustainability assessments across the industry.
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Logo - ERA Sustainable Supplier Framework

11 mars 2020

ERA: “Rental is the perfect circular model”

ERA welcomes the publication of the European Commission's new Circular Economy Action Plan, and has high hopes for the EU to recognise the full potential of the sharing and rental business models.
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4 mars 2020

Construction equipment rental industry welcomes EU climate law

The European Rental Association (ERA) welcomes the publication of the European Commission’s proposal enshrining the principle of climate neutrality into EU law
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19 février 2020

Study shows construction equipment rental helps Europe achieve its climate ambition

Rental, as a circular economy model, can significantly help reduce emissions and achieve the Paris climate goals.
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4 novembre 2019

Positive signs across Europe’s equipment rental market as growth continues

ERA Market Report 2019 reveals the equipment rental industry is growing more quickly than GDP and the construction industry, implying growth of the rental penetration.
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Positive signs across Europe’s equipment rental market as growth continues

19 juin 2019

Renting equipment reduces carbon emissions

By sharing equipment and performing in asset management, the rental industry contributes to avoiding carbon emissions
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27 mars 2018

Une étude à l’échelle européenne est arrivée à la conclusion que les entreprises de location de matériel doivent privilégier la collaboration pour corriger « l’inadéquation de la génération Y » et les déséquilibres des effectifs

Le nouveau rapport révèle un besoin urgent de collaboration étroite entre ceux qui opèrent dans le secteur de la location de matériel afin de gagner la confiance de la nouvelle génération et fidéliser la main-d’œuvre future
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