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Members: Graham Arundell, Tomas Babicky, Carole Bachmann, Jose Blanco, Ina-Maria Brämswig, Antonio Casado Blanco, Patricia Crespin, Jorge Ferrando, Leena Haabma Hintze, Valeriy Klimenko, Jürgen Küspert, Remko Mol, Henrik Mühlendorph, Heikki Ojanperä , Michel Petitjean, Marco Prosperi, Hervé Rebollo, Elisa Taini, Yngve Torkildsen, Romina Vanzi, Oguz Yusuf Yigit


Jose Blanco, the Promotion Committee Chairman
The Committee was created in 2013, as a continuation of the former Norms and Safety Committee, who later became the EU Affairs Committee, and of the Association Day. It is composed of the representatives from the national rental associations that are members of ERA and IPAF. 
This Committee is the platform for the associations to meet and exchange and where they can brainstorm with their European peers about how to improve the rental business in general. It focuses notably on promotion of rental and communication, management and coordination of trade events, safety issues, standardisation, theft, attracting talents to the industry and all issues relevant to the national associations.
It is also keeping up-to-date the list of EU issues and EU organisations of relevance to the rental industry, initially identified by the EU Affairs Committee.
Because of the difficulties for the SMEs to consider Sustainability as a priority, it was decided to involve the national associations in this topic so that they can motivate their members to put Sustainability more central in their business approach.

National Associations' Publications
ERA Annual Report 2018
December 10, 2018

Benefits and advantages of your rental association being a part of ERA
November 7, 2017
This document lists the benefits and advantages for the members of rental associations of their association being a part of ERA.

Fifth Russian Rental Convention
October 24, 2014
October 2014 - St Petersburg

Polish Rental Association
October 7, 2014
Initial meeting - Warsaw

17th ASSODIMI Annual Congress
October 6, 2014
ERA Presentation

20th ANAPAT Convention
May 5, 2014
May 2014

Framework for the Production of Instruction Leaflets - Update
February 26, 2014
This documents is a framework guideline for the production of instruction leaflets on the use of rental equipment

In-Service Inspection of Work Equipment Best Practices Statement
April 8, 2008
(Revised in 2016) The intention of this statement is to encourage consistency by defining what the European Rental Association considers to be best practice in the management and conduct of in-service inspection.