Cybersecurity Working Group

With the process of digitalisation in the rental industry, cyber attacks, hacking, phishing, data leaks and other online threats are presentng the industry with new challenges. Furthermore, the growth in demand for internet-based solutions and e-commerce as a result of the COVID-19 crisis is making cyber threats ever more important for businesses.

The ERA Board, therefore decided to convene a small group of IT experts and executives from rental companies with the aim to:
  • Define the most common challenges and analyze the impact of cybersecurity threats on rental companies;
  • Gather existing best practice and strategies for mitigating the cyber threats; and,
  • Prepare a workshop on the topic of cybersecurity which would take place during the ERA Convention 2021.
The Cybersecurity Working Group met for the first time on 15 December 2020, and the current members of the group are: Edwin Wijers (Boels), Xavier Raynaud (Kiloutou), Gareth Lloyd (Loxam Powered Access), Joel Särkkä (Renta), Giuseppe Lauria (Tesya), Edward Clarenbach (Riwal), Maximilian Schmidt (Kiesel), Andreas Mendrzyk (Kiesel) and Kevin Price (HSS Hire).